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JustScript helps film industry professionals find the best screenwriters for their projects

If you are a producer

  • get FREE access to an extensive international database of screenwriters
  • find writers from all over the world who perfectly fit your genre and project format
  • use a convenient tool that allows you to contact hundreds of screenwriters in minutes

If you are an aspiring screenwriter

  • register your profile in an international database of screenwriters for FREE
  • step out of the shadows, become visible and start receiving invitations for cooperations
  • know that your CV is visible only to verified producers.

How it works

Step #1

Log in using an existing Google, Facebook, or Linkedin account, or create a new username and password.

Step #2

Fill out a simple online form to create your unique professional profile.

Step #3

Producer: Explore Justscript's scriptwriter database and create a CALL for selected scriptwriters to find the best professionals for your current or future project. 

Scriptwriter: Receive offers from producers, shortening the path of getting your text to screen like never before.


Yes! You can create your unique CV and store it in our database, making information about yourself available to current film business professionals. And it's completely free! But if you think it's time to do a little more for your career, then you can consider using the additional paid services provided by the JustScript platform: Verification and Booster.

JustScript does not charge any commissions and does not participate financially in transactions between writers and producers.

Only those professionals who have produced films can see the detailed information in screenwriters' profiles and initiatie a conversation with them. 

If you are a talanted screenwriter and feel that the time has come for producers to find out about your work and offer collaboration opportunities, then registering a profile at JustScript is exactly what you need.

If you are looking for talent from beyond the borders of your own country, then know that Justscript is the platform where producers can find screenwriters writing in the language they need, regardless of country of residence.

Only on Justscript will you find an extensive database of screenwriters ready to collaborate. You can find people writing in Russian and English as well as in any genre and format. Moreover, in just a few clicks you can organize a competition and inform all interested parties about it.

Producers believe that they can make a decision on whether to collaborate or not after reading just five pages of a script. In addition, if you only share five pages, you won't have a reason to worry about someone borrowing your ideas or text without permission.

Try to choose the five pages that best characterize you as an author and show your knowledge of the art of screenwriting and literacy. We strongly reccomend that you upload only 5 pages as a PDF, written according to the so-called 'American Standard'.

Only film industry professionals who have already produced films have full access to the screenwriter database. If you are registered as a screenwriter at JustScript, you will not be able to see the detailed profiles of other screenwriters.

An audio file of no longer than a minute will allow producers to get to know you better and decide on further cooperation.

If you order the Verification service, our staff will examine the information provided in your profile, check it, and if all is accurate and correct, they will mark your profile as a 'verified screenwriter'. It is worth noting that some producers prefer to search among verified screenwriters only.

You can order Verification in the "change your plan" section.

Your profile will be listed in the search results even if you are unverified. However, if the producer chooses to select only among verified screenwriters, your profile will not be included in these results. Therefore, you may decide to order Verification in the 'change your plan' section.

Absolutely! Your profile will be included in the search results. But you should be aware that if a producer chooses to select among verified scriptwriters only, your profile will not be included in these results.

Booster gives your profile priority and raises it in the search results generated by a producer. The Booster service is provided on a paid basis and is valid for 30 days from the date of activation. You can order the Booster in the "change your plan" section.

Your contact information is only used by the JustScript Administrator and for the sole purpose of confirming your identity and professional activities. 

Only film industry members who have already produced films have access to the database. If you do not provide us with your contact information, we will not be able to verify your identity, and, as a result, you will not get access to the scriptwriters’ database.

Along with access to the scriptwriters’ database, you have the opportunity to anonymously view the screenwriters' profiles. However, as soon as you send an Invitation to your selected writers, your personal and company/firm name become visible. All other contact information will remain hidden.

If you registered, but did not receive access, it means that our technical support is still working to verify the data you have provided. As soon as the verification is completed, you will receive an email notification.

The "Search" service allows you to search for scriptwriters without being tied to a specific project. In this case, you will be able to communicate directly with each of your selected scriptwriters separately.

If you use the “CALL” service, you narrow your search by filling in the “passport” of your project / contest / CALL and can communicate immediately with the entire group of preselected scriptwriters, which saves you significant time.

JustScript reserves the right for a producer to view your profile anonymously. Only if the producer decides to ask you to write a test task or invites you to participate in the opened CALL will you find out his name and the name of the company he/she is associated with. 

At the same time, in the Statistics section at your dashboard you can see how many people have viewed your profile, how many times your audio pitch has been listened to and how many times your 5-page PDF has been read.

Yes, you can, but this will prevent you from being verified, meaning those producers who prefer to view verified screenwriters only will never see your profile. It is also very important that you upload your own photo and not someone else’s.

Yes, you can, but your profile will not be shown in the search results for those producers who prefer to view verified screenwriters only. Therefore, we recommend that you get verified first, and only then use the Booster Service (if you wish).

Justscript does not settle financial claims between parties, as it does not participate in any way in transactions between writers and producers. We recommend blocking the producer in your messenger if such an event occurs.

You can only complain about a producer with whom you have had direct correspondence on the JustScript platform. If you want to complain about him/her, click the "block" icon. Our administrator will receive a notification, and the blocked producer will no longer be able to send you messages.

You can only complain about a screenwriter with whom you have had direct correspondence on the JustScript platform. If you want to complain about him/her, click the "block" icon. Our administrator will receive a notification, and the blocked screenwriter will no longer be able to send you messages.

The Verification service is not obligatory. You can use Justscript without paying for the Verification. But if you decide to order this service it’s enough to pay only once. However, if after the Verification is purchased you decide to change any info in your profile, the “Verification mark” will disappear from your profile.  That means, if you want to get the “verified screenwriter mark” one more time, you will need to order the service and pay for it again. JustScrtipt arrange it to make sure that all info provided in your profile is valid and correct.  

JustScript is eager to become a platform where all parties interested in productive collaboration can meet. Participants that ignore business ethics are not welcomed here.

JustScript provides you with the oppurtunity to register without a photo. However, it may negatively influence your communication with screenwriters as producers without a photo generate less trust. As a result you get less replies to your CALLs and invitations. 

There are no any obligatory or hidden payments at Justscript platform.